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D-MAC Mining is a specialised recruiter of experienced and qualified mining professionals. Complete your hiring needs with our team.

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Mining Labour Solutions

Whether you’re an owner of a mining company, a contractor, an OEM or service provider, D-MAC Mining strives to meet all of your hiring needs across your project’s full lifecycle. Our mining consultants possess industry expertise and extensive knowledge in the field, ensuring that all of our hires prioritise: 



All hires are equipped with proper safety knowledge when working in the field.


D-MAC Mining recruits individuals who value honest work. We perform thorough checks on our recruits to ensure the integrity of our hires.



We help you get the work done by hiring individuals with the same mindset.

Why Choose D-MAC Mining?

When you partner with D-MAC Mining, you gain immediate access to recruitment expertise and resources in the mining industry. You’ll also be partnering with an extensive network of reliable and skilled industry professionals who share your goal: strengthen your business by strengthening your workforce.

With us, you will benefit from:  

Tailored recruitment solutions

As our client, you’ll have a single point of contact: a dedicated recruitment specialist who is focused on learning more about your business requirements. Once our staff gains a full understanding of what you need, we connect you with candidates who meet your recruitment needs in terms of experience level and business culture.

Detailed reporting

Keep track of your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs) with our comprehensive and detailed client reports. Our recruitment specialist commits to schedule regular activity and account management to keep you up to date.

What We Do?

D-MAC Mining offers more than just recruitment solutions; we also provide training, assessment, HR consultancy and workforce planning. We strengthen your workforce using our end-to-end capability in the industry, which extends from your boardroom to the mine site.

We use an assortment of evaluations, appraisal tools, and methodologies to make sure our candidates pass your technical and company culture standards. We apply this approach to both permanent and temporary positions for your team. This improves engagement and efficiency in your organisation while reducing the costs associated with below-average performance and high turnovers. 

What People Say?


Hire the right people for your team with the right mining recruitment company


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Travaris, Stokes

D-MAC Mining is a trusted provider of quality recruitment solutions in the mining industry. We meet with hundreds of applicants to offer better matches for employers. Find qualified people for your team with us today.

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